My name is Christie and I am the author of Stie's Thoughts.  I have been writing here since 2006.  I currently live in St. Louis, though the journey to get here has taken me through Utah, Minnesota, Seattle, Boston, San Diego, and soon to be Texas.  I love moving.  I love making new friends and starting over.  I love exploring a new part of the country and planting roots.  

I am mother to three amazing children.  I hit the jackpot lottery when it came to my kids, and I'm madly in love with them.  I am also wife to a superbly supportive man.  He is the rare gem that never says no, loves me in spite of myself, and makes me feel beautiful every day.  I definitely married well.  

When not churning out drivel on the internet, I can be found curled up in the sunshine reading a good book.  I am addicted to diet coke and cookie dough, preferably both at the same time.  I love to take photos and spend time laughing with girlfriends.  I wake up every day and marvel at the richness of my life.

I am Stie.  And I write because I desperately want to remember it all.